We at Neeyog Packaging continuously thrive to ensure safety of our customers , partners and all our staff .In light of COVID 19 we have put certain measures into immediate effect


Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) followed at all our Facility:-

  1. All our office & Warehouse staff including our support staff have been trained about the COVID 19 infection symptoms along with the awareness & know how of maintaining high standards of hygiene, cleanliness, sanitization and importance of following social distancing at our Facility as well as during travelling & delivering of goods at customer’s facility.


  1. Each of our staff at all our facility is checked with Infrared Thermometer and with Pulse Oximeter on daily basis before entering the facility.If the temperature is above 100.4°F or 38°C and if pulse rate is below 60mm Hg the staff is not allowed for duty. We have installed hand sanitizer at all our facility & have made Face mask compulsory. Also the Warehousing staff is provided with Hand Gloves to ensure safety & hygiene.


  1. All our Facility & Delivery vehicles are sanitized with Disinfectant 256 as approved by WHO & FDA for sanitization purpose with the help of ULV Fogger Machine at regular intervals. Also apart from above no third person other than our staff is allowed to enter any of our facilities without prior consent or permission from respective authority.