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Edible / Rice wheat straw 13.00 mm


These Eco friendly Rice Straws are Edible, Biodegradable & Sustainable

Length: 20 cms
Quantity/kg: 80pcs
Colors: Green


Think Wise, Choose Rice

The drinking straws made from rice
Time to switch to something sustainable!
The rice straws:
We proudly introduce you to the future of plastic free world
THE RICE STRAWS Act wise and choose rice!
Edible and sustainable, rice straws are the drinking straws made from rice grain. One of the biggest advantages of these rice straws is that they are fully biodegradable, making it a healthy twist in nature. Durable and highly reliable, these rice straws are the positive product of environmental friendly evolution. We know you care about planet; and so we bring these rice straws to your convenience. The plastic performance has disappointed the environment so vigorously that every one of us is looking for an ecological alternative. In the sector of food and drink, rice straws are something meeting our expectations suitably. So it s the time to change your straw habit and make a huge difference! An eco friendly substitute for plastic straws are giving a happy call in the goal save environment.

Why Smaart Rice Straw?

Rice straws are effective and comfortable in substituting plastic straws forever, hence contributing widely in reducing plastic waste. You can flaunt on this straw ensuring a secured place of environment five years down the life. So if you are a regular buyer or seller of plastic straws, just don t think twice before switching onto rice straws. Participate actively in this cause today! It s worth it.