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Disinfectant Enviroguard 256

5th Generation Quarternary Ammonium compound

Active ingredients

Didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride 8.7%

n alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 8.19%

inert ingredients 83.11%

Feature & benefits

  1. Highly effective
  2. Bactericidal , Fungicidal, Virucidal
  3. Non corrosive
  4. user friendly
  5. easy to use
  6. cost effective
  7. biodegradable
  8. contact time upto 10mins
  9. pleasant odour

Direction of use


Critical Area – 1:256 (3.9 ml in 1 Ltr of water)

Non- Critical Area- 1:500 (2 ml in 1Ltr of water)

Laundromat- 100ml in 50 Ltr water

Fogging- 1:256 (2ml in 1Ltr water for every 1000 cu. ft)

Enviroguard 256 cleans & disinfects high touch surfaces in 10min to kills common microogranism incl HIV,VRE MRSA, Influenza, Adenovirus,Acinetobacter,klebsiella and many more.

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Disinfectant 256

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