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Mini Cart

(GV) 5.5″ Square Plate (Flat)


  • Natural: Made from 100% natural fiber.
  • Non-toxic: No toxic substance or odor is released even in high temperature or in acid/alkalil condition, 100% food contact safety.
  • Microwaveable: Safe to be used in Microwave, Oven and Refrigerator.
  • Biodegradable & Compost-able: 100% Biodegrade within 2 months; wastes will decompose into CO2 and Water.
  • Recyclable: Renewable, reused to make Paper, reduce the need for Petroleum based materials.
  • Water & Oil Proof: 120°C hot oil and 100°C hot water resistant.
  • A+ Quality & Durability: Smooth surface and Superior Strength, Stack-able, Leak proof.
  • Variety: More than 20 products are for your selection, customized molds are available as per market requirement.



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Item Description

(GV) 5.5" Square Plate (Flat)

Carton/Standard Packaging


Cartoon Specs


Dimension (L x W x H)

141 x 141 x 21

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