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Detpak Large Bikini Endura Tray Brown (M678S0010)

The Endura range is made with a sturdy, corrugated fluted board, so it’s ideal for hot and greasy foods. It’s also 100% compostable making it a great choice for the environment. The bikini tray is versatile for a range of foods. It can be used as a single tray for immediate consumption, or paired with another tray as a lid for takeaway. The small tray can also be stacked inside the large tray to create two separate compartments. They’re offered in natural-looking brown, with space for branding with stickers or stamps.

  • 100% recyclable & compostable.
  • Suitable for hot and greasy, savoury & sweet food.

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Item Description

Large Bikini Endura Tray Brown (M678S0010)

Item Code


Carton/Standard Packaging


Cartoon Specs


Dimension (L x W x H)

110 x 147 x 60



Material Type

Corrugated Fluted Board