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Mini Cart

Absorbent Ice Pad

Key Specification/Features
 Ideal size for fish cartons or EPS Boxes
 Supplied un-hydrated for economical shipping & Storage
 Easy to hydrate – simply soak in water & freeze
 The sheets provide a uniform cold temperature around the seafood during shipping
 No more spoiled product or water spillage upon arrival won’t leak as they defrost
 Suitable for use with live seafood & processed product
 100% Food contact safe
 Non Hazardous

How to use Dry Ice Sheet
 Soak your Dry ice sheet in water
 Soak for approximately 5 Min
 Place the sheet in the freezer

 Keep the packaging clean and more appealing.
 Restrain bacterial growth; result in food safety and longer shelf life.
 Easier for consumers to handle the food.
 Easier to carry and can keep low temperature in longer time than ice.
 Can hold the water and won’t leak out even if it’s melt in high temperature condition.
 Pouch structure with SAP (Super absorbent polymer) particle. Make it much quickly to
absorb excess water and lock in the pad .And the capacity of absorption is larger than
normal absorbent tray pad.
 PET composite Film along with SAP provides more rapid, all-around absorption, and avoids

Material Top Layer :
Middle Layer :
SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer)
Bottom Layer :
Nonwoven Film
Sheet Size 432*210 MM/12Cell
Individual cell size – 108 * 70 MM
Absorbing Capacity
(Distilled water)
Approx. 70 -80 ml
Quantity per Carton
420Sheet (420*12Cell = 5040Pcs)

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Item Description

Absorbent Ice Pad

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Carton/Standard Packaging

420Sheet (420x12cell =5040Pcs)

Cartoon Specs



432*210MM/12CELL Individual Cell size 108x70mm