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Cotton Carry Bags ML, MT, LH


Cotton bags are made from non-synthetic fibres and can be reused. They are more durable than paper bags. In short, cotton bags present the top three traits of a good business investment- affordable, highly effective and eco-friendly.

  • Washable: If the bag is dirty, put it in the washing machine, it’s reusable after a wash
  • Multiple usage: The fabric bag can be applied as a shopping bag, grocery bag, arts or crafts bag, or beach bag
  • Reusable and safe: These reusable shopping bags with multiple usages can decrease the using of disposable plastic bags

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Cotton Carry Bags ML, MT, LH

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Carton/Standard Packaging

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20 x 22, 26 x 33, 31 x 36, 35 x 42, 38 x 45

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